My name is Charina Gardiner. I’m a married mother of two (and mother of one dog) who is currently enrolled in the Business Admin program at Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario.  I enjoy writing, reading, knitting, television (especially if it’s British) spending time with my family and wasting great amounts of time online. I am somewhat addicting to social networking.

This is a blog I am running as part of a course requirement for my Social Media course at Loyalist. Generally, you can expect me to likely discuss social media at great length, along with a smattering of humour every now and then. Learning should be fun, right?

Overall I am a bright, positive personality, who enjoys blogging far more than I should. It is distinctly possible this blog will outlast the semester and my social media course. In which case, stick around, it’s likely to get far more interesting once I’m done worrying about getting graded!


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