Reflections on Social Media, Take Two

As our final blogging assignment we were asked to once again reflect on social media and ascertain if this course has changed how we viewed it in any way. In my first blog post I stated that I was pretty familiar with social media as a whole. I also spoke abut how I used it mostly for personal reasons, but I could see how it would be of vital importance for a business.

Honestly, this course hasn’t changed my own personal views on social media. As I said in my first post – none of these tools or sites were really very new to me – though I did learn about a few I’d never used. One thing that has changed was initially taking this course I had thought that working in social media would be a great job. I love social media – it would be win/win, right?

However, I have found that social media for fun and social media for business are two different beasts. I enjoy personal use social media far more than the business side of things. Though it was interesting to learn about, I’m not so sure I’d want it as a career.

Overall, I don’t think my opinions on social media have changed at all throughout the course – rather they were simply augmented. I was further convinced in my belief that businesses need to involve social media as part of their overall business plans. Moving forward, I am hoping that the knowledge I have learned throughout the course will help me present a more professional persona forward for future employers to see.