Extreme Promotional Materials – a Social Media Plan


Extreme Promotional Materials has a well-established, successful business within their local region that has provided quality promotional items to a variety of clients over the last fifteen years. However, every business needs to grow and this business is in a position to extend their reach beyond southern Ontario. They have a potential to reach nation-wide, because of the nature of their product and ease of shipping. Social media is the platform that can help them grow up to that national status.  The best way to do this initially would be to focus on one social media platform, since they have a small amount of employees, rather than spreading themselves too thin. The best platform for them would be Facebook – since it combines both visual media and an interaction platform, as well as the ability to interact with schools across the country, not just in their region. How can Extreme Promotional Materials best attain that recognition is detailed in the following plan.

Mission, Vision, Goals


  • Custom, high quality promotional items from apparel to office supplies.


  • New and creative ways to service customer’s needs, nation-wide.


  • Expand the business to a larger clientele.
  • Provide customised, innovative promotional solutions to fit the customer’s needs.
  • Create and maintain positive relationships with customers.

Key Messages

  • Customised promotions, bespoke for customer’s needs.
  • Positive, friendly service from a company they can trust.

Target Audiences

Extreme Promotional Materials’ target audience is schools across the province of Ontario, as well as businesses looking for personalised items for promotional purposes. They would wish to target schools specifically because of their previous experience with school uniforms and promotional items especially. If they wish to, they should extend their reach beyond the province of Ontario and make plans to ship country-wide.

Social Media Tools

This report will focus primarily on Facebook as a recommended tool, as well as Flickr – to be used in conjunction with Facebook. The visual nature of both of these sites would allow Extreme Promotional Materials to showcase previous promotional materials and offer customers an example of the quality of their previous work. It would also enable Extreme Promotional Materials to highlight any specialised, innovative marketing solutions they have helped past customers with.

Social Media Engagement Strategy

It is recommended that a Facebook page be set up for the business, attached to their Flickr, with a large amount of visual content posted. The page should be run by one of the more senior business members – they will have more knowledge about the business, and more invested than a newer, younger employee. They may need to be taught how to properly utilize the tools, but it is easily learned.

This report would recommend that the Facebook page go out and like several school and school board pages within the province of Ontario. They are encouraged to interact with these pages to create more traffic to their own page.  A twice weekly posting schedule would be suggested at first, so as to keep fresh content on the page and engage the audience. Suggested types of posts, in addition to photo displays of previous work. Would be possible coupons, or contests that involve schools – perhaps a competition for a prize of new uniforms.

The tone maintained should always be positive, highlighting and maintaining good relationships with current customers and future customers. A constant focus on their target audience through comments on school’s pages and developing relationships through these comments and interactions. Through these steps, Extreme Promotional Materials could extend their reach across the province, and possibly the country.


The recommendation of this report is that Extreme Promotional Materials take these steps to start creating a digital footprint through use of Facebook and Flickr.


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