Tricks for Treats

This week’s assignment is all about online video and how to use it to promote your business and enhance your customer’s experience with it.  We were given a profile for a fiction business, Pet Pawsitive and asked how we would use online video as a tool to enhance our business experience.

The first thing I would do for this business would be to include training tips and tricks like the video below:

It would help familiarize customers with our training methods, and also introduce our trainers to new and potential customers.  One new video could be uploaded bi-weekly, and we could encourage customers to let us know what training tips they would like to see in the next video via comments.

In an effort to promote our affiliation with local shelters, perhaps the dogs used for the training videos could be dogs looking for their forever homes – with a link provided not only to the Pets Pawsitive website for more training information, but also a link to the shelter’s site if people were interested in adopting our ‘star student’. Once the dog becomes adopted, we could remove the link and instead embed a message about how they found their forever home, thanks to Pets Pawsitive.

Another good idea would be to hold video reply contests. Have a video demonstrate a series of tricks, and then have the channel subscribers record their own little stars performing these tricks and submitting it via video reply. The prize could be a free training session, or a gift basket of holistic treats for their pooch.

Shelter videos featuring animals up for adoption could also be an option, it would be easy to dress the animals in a Pets Pawsitive scarf and even showcase our holistic pet foods and treats through these videos. They could be a sort of bi-weekly or monthly feature, depending on demand and turnover in the shelters.

Behind the scenes videos of training sessions in progress (with obtained permission obviously) would also be helpful, or just videos that feature new incoming product explanation by staff to further educate customers. Videos about food or product selection and brand comparison could be useful to help customers increase their knowledge so they can make more informed purchasing decisions.

It is most important to keep new content, constantly refreshing and giving customers a reason to visit out channel often and to subscribe. It would encourage customer engagement and help customers feel familiar with our staff before they even enter our store.

Enhance the customer experience, which will increase our customer loyalty. Train them to ‘come’ into the store, and ‘stay’ with us for the treats.



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