Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Fast-Paced Facebook

This week we’re looking at businesses on Facebook. Not my most favourite of sites, so to combat that I chose one of my favourite companies on there,  Well, one of my favourite companies ever to be honest. For a litte bit of introduction, if you don’t know what Teefury is, it’s an online company started by a bunch of graphic designers who liked exclusive graphic shirts. Teefury sells one shirt (or sometimes two pitted against each other in a battle of sales) every twenty-four hours, with a unique design, often with a bit of a nerdy lean to it – each design appeals to a genre specific audience. Once the shirt sells out, or the twenty-four hours is up – that’s it – it is gone and gone forever and you can never buy it again. It’s a brilliant site, and an even more brilliant business concept.

Their Facebook page is simply laid out, their logo as the icon is easily recognizable. They post lots of photos of currently selling designs and designs you’ve missed out on. It can be equally awesome or frustrating if you see one you’ve missed out on. They also feature their t-shirt designers and will link to their individual sites to promote their work outside of Teefury. They utilize their likes area well, and customers can post on their wall with comments about merchandise just received, and ideas for upcoming shirts. Teefury interacts well with them, and their photo posts always generate a lot of likes, shares and comments.

They could utilize their About Me page better, but they are succinct and to the point – which sort of falls in line with their presentation as a company. Their Facebook page, like their business idea is simple and to the point. It very much feels like you are interacting with the same people who run the sit on a daily basis, and it engenders a sort of familiarity. There is definitely room for improvement, but as a customer you tend not to notice the areas they lack in, because you are too busy buying t-shirts.


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