Double-Double Service: I like it tweet

This week’s assignment asked us to look at business on Twitter – how they’re using the tool, what sort of content they are providing and how well they interact with customers and promote themselves. In keeping with my coffee theme (can you tell I like coffee yet?) I decided that since Starbucks had their moment to shine last week, this week I would take a look at @TimHortons. It seemed rather fitting, since yesterday was National Coffee Day, and the Tim’s Twitter was out in style.

I actually really enjoy following the Tim Horton’s feed. They tweet fairly regularly – not obnoxiously so, but at least once every few days. The content of their tweets is usually great – responses to customers and people discussing their brand, or several Canadian-specific jokes, videos, etc.  They’ve been heavily promoting their smile cookie campaign this month, which is always great – it’s a positive thing to see on your feed, and reminds you that buying cookies may be the best charitable donation you’ve ever made. Because you get a cookie.

They also like to engage the customers by throwing out small polls and questions to respond to.  And generally I find that each tweet is often something that would just make you smile, or laugh – they’re really a pleasure to follow. In terms of layout, they hit it perfectly. Their Twitter has an instantly recognizable feel, like a warm cup of coffee in your hands. You know it’s Tim’s just by the background, and icon.  They have handy links on the sidebar to their homepage, Facebook account and Youtube channel (I bet you didn’t know they had a YT channel!). Tim’s as a whole is clearly aware of how to utilize the platform of social media. In an extra nod to the fact that they also serve an American demographic, they host a separate US account, @TimHortonsUS, and in a particularly savvy move, they also run a French account for their French Canadian customers, @cheztimhortons (which incidentally links to their French Facebook page and French Youtube channel). They cater to the customer they are serving, even on Twitter – which is a nice touch that not all businesses employ.

Overall I think they use their Twitter feed very successfully – they are an enjoyment to follow, and though there is room for improvement marketing wise, they are well on their way to utilizing the tools available to them. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go grab a cup of coffee. In my household National Coffee Day is every day.


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